Refund Policy


Ehealthcity as the leading health and happiness provider to the world relies on our refund and cancellation policy to ensure the customer satisfaction with each service that we provide. We strive to give our users the best possible services and in the unlikely event that we are unable to provide the desired services or deliver it to the complete satisfaction, a return or a cancellation may be processed.


Payments: All the charges and fees as displayed on the web must be paid upfront before availing any of the services at the Ehealthcity’s website. Once payment is made, we will be unable to refund the amount owing to cancellation of the request either telephonically, email or any other mode of communication.

Ehealthcity’s Refund Policy:

Reasons for refunds:

Refund due to non-availability of service:

There could be instances where you will be eligible for a refund against non availability of services. For instance when your request for consultation or other service is accepted but post-payment due to unexpected and due to unavoidable or extenuating circumstances, your request could not be delivered or is rejected or is not acted upon as per the pre-defined terms of the service as mentioned in web; You may be offered an option of opting for another request for similar service or consultation OR will be offered a complete refund, if you so desire.


Accidental Overcharging:

In case your credit card/debit card/payment account has been accidentally over-charged, please notify EHealthCity of the same at the earliest. EHealthCity will refund the outstanding amount to your Payment Account within 14 working days. In the reverse scenario, if the transaction amount during payment of the fee happens to be less than the actual fee amount, EHealthCity will debit the outstanding amount from your Payment Account and notify you of the same.


Other Causes for refund:

•  If the customer provides a valid report that the charge was fraudulent or unauthorized;
•  In order to comply with credit card industry rules, ACH industry rules, ccAvenue terms of service, Indian law, and requests from verified Indian judiciary or law enforcement agents; or
•  For any other reason Ehealthcity deems appropriate.


Ehealthcity’s policy on refund of subscriptions/ recurring billing products:

A customer may cancel a product with a recurring billing subscription at any time. A cancellation means that no future payments are charged to the customer’s account. The cancellation of a recurring billing product does not generate a refund – it will only stop any future payments.


Refund Amount and time for processing:

It will be Ehealthcity’s endeavor to process the refund amount within a 2 week time frame. The returns will only be credited back to the account through which the original payment was made. If the original account is in a non functional status, it will not be eligible for a refund. Due to the digital format, many times when a request for refund is made, customer may already used the services fully or in part; in many cases the customer may have utilized/ recieved additional services or benefits of the product. In these cases ehealthcity reserves the right to issue a partial refund.

Our doctors and other health providers are not permitted to make any guarantees regarding any issues. This refund policy supersedes all such guarantees given. If you come across any such guarantees, kindly bring it to our attention so that we can take immediate remedial actions.


Abuse of the return Policy:
Customers requesting serial or repeated returns may be blocked from making further purchases using the ehealthcityservices. Customers that violate the terms of use of a product may additionally have their right of refund for these services revoked. They may also be barred from seeking further services and ehealthcity reserves the right to take the necessary legal actions in this regard.


Maintaining Transaction ID:
It is mandatory for the patients to maintain unique Transaction ID numbers, which would be provided at the time of placing a request. This number would be required to identify the transaction and process accordingly.


Note to Ehealthcity’s customers and associates:
This Return and Cancellation Policy is part of, and incorporated within, the ehealthcity’s contract. As a pre condition of registering with ehealthcity’s website and /or using its services, the user acknowledges and agrees to have read and understood this Return and Cancellation Policy and you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. If at any time you disagree with ehealthcity’s refund Policy or any part of it, your sole remedy is to cease all use of the Ehealthcity’s Services and terminate your account. Please note, however, that any transactions/payments which occurred prior to the date of such termination shall be governed and controlled in full by the terms of this Return and Cancellation Policy.

In the majority of cases Ehealthcity, NO refund will be issued except under the conditions mentioned above under the refund policy. In exceptional circumstances, if you have any issues related to the refund policy, you may contact us in writing with the details and we will strive to provide an amicable and reasonable solution. Please note that in NO condition can be refund more than the amount the user has paid for its services.