Recurrent abdominal pain  is a common cause of repeated belly pain in otherwise healthy children. It is a common cause for missing school and other activities. Repeated episodes of belly pain  , Pain that lasts 1 to 3 hours, the child often lies down with the belly pain are common symptoms. After the pain, the child acts normally.

What should I do? Pediatric Gastroenterologist may suggest writing down: When the pain comes. How long it lasts. What helps? Where the pain is located? Aggravating or relieving factors. Most of time pain can be controlled by medicines after appropriate diagnosis. Your pediatric gastroenterologist may suggest trial of medicines or if necessary blood investigations /sonography. Pediatric endoscopy to find the exact cause of abdominal pain is a safe procedure in experienced hands. 

When to contact Pediatric Gastroenterologist ?If the pain is worse or more frequent, Pain wakes your child up at night, Pain comes with eating, your child looks pale, tired or disoriented during or after the pain, Blood in stools (red, dark red, or black stools) or jaundice is seen.