Vomiting and diahorrea are mainly due to problems of stomach and intestines. Other cause includes head injury, abdominal injury, infections in other part of body, side-effects of medicines. Proper diagnosis leads to proper treatment.

What should I do? In viral infections of intestines antibiotics are not required. Keep a watch on urine output. Unnecessary, stopping breast milk in infants should be avoided. ORS should be given add libb. Fruit juices should be avoided. Give your child a normal diet unless told otherwise. It is common for a child to have little appetite when vomiting. Prevent diaper rash by frequent diaper changes.

When to contact Pediatric Gastroenterologist?

Confusion or decreased alertness, Sunken eyes, Pale skin, Dry mouth, No tears when crying, Rapid breathing or pulse, Weakness or limpness, green or yellow vomit, abdominal pain, Vomiting red blood, Severe headache, bloody Diarrhea, fever uncontrolled by ,medicines.