Determining the value of human life - Part 1

As an orthopedic surgeon we have been trained to calculate the disability scores. They are based on objective measures and  scale which helps to determine whether a person is partially or completely handicapped and based on this assessment, the government and other organization give them the benefits. In case of the accidental or workplace injury this is used to determine the compensation.

However no such objective measure exists to determine the value of a human life. The fundamental question is often left unanswered given the varied standards the organization, the government and the courts apply when putting a value on human life. Often it is biased and one sided. Let me give an example, In India,  if a child dies due to errors or blunders in a mid day school program, it is 1/10 million, if it is rail accident it is 1/2 million, if the train was Rajdhani express it is around a million rupees, for an air craft accident it is around 2 - 3 million, in case of medical error it is around 10 million, however if the so called victim was an NRI it around 100 million. So one can see depending on the convenience, goal post are often changed.. Although Humans were created equally, they often die as unequal’s...

In part 2, I am going to put forth the results of a survey in which I asked people that if they had to objectively evaluate the value of human life, what values would they consider. The results were surprising and may perhaps pave way for rationality in this confusing field.. Watch out for more..

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
Mae West