Within each one of us lies the power to health and sickness. It is who we decide and control these.In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this life time.

i know it takes time to understand said above . It do require deep introspection .i donot say medicine donot help or give relief, but the basic question remains why we get ill.

regarding infectious etiologies why we allow ourselves the fall prey to those circumstances? Isn't it again the fight between 2 greats, claude bernad and louis pasture who propogated their own view of envirnomental mileu and infectious agents respectively. Infact we know only few  diseases do have complete cure (?) others are just be controlled either by external help or internal direction.In either ways we agree both the agent and environment  are important to us . Question is do we have time to know both and analyse the illness which is resultant of their interactions?I am not asking every one of us to be medical professional (who himself is confused in his/her life  most of times) but just be unbiased towards self and give a thought to self.

 Here we are to know self .

We get ill when the  situation ask us to wait and watch . Illness give us time to think ,to interospect. 

We are like either one of those who donot wanna to agree that  the reason to like illness is deep within us , having primary or even tertiary gains out of it or blame the situation in life .

Let's learn to know one-self and get the consent to live Happy -healthy life.

Dr. Yogesh Waikar

Pediatric Gastroenterologist & Liver Transplant Physician.