We often face situations in our workplace, that are not really comfortable. But when it comes to dealing with the situation as a doctor the rules of the game change. Even in worst case scenarios doctors are supposed to be well behaved. They are supposed to keep their calm and at the same time bear the brunt of the patients and attendants unruly behaviour. The recent spurt of such events occurring all over the country have triggered a chain of thoughts. In general we find that aggression has become a norm in the society. Whenever things take an ugly turn, the usual reaction is retaliation. But when it comes to doctors the Einstein’s equation goes multifold. Do we have a solution? Ofcourse there is always a way out. To begin with, right at the onset of the first communication with the patient or attendants we should explain all the possible case scenarios that can come across in dealing with the case; the complications that can be faced or possibility of poor response to therapy. Most doctors believe that such discussions will decrease the trust which the patient has and also make them sound like less efficient. But creating a rosy picture can be counterproductive. Everybody faced with such a situation, be it a doctor or a patient should understand the anger or aggression can never be a solution to a problem. A healthier work environment for a doctor would only help to develop a friendlier healthcare system for a patient.